Our Network is growing

Over the last few weeks and months we expanded our network with a new POP in Amsterdam, new Backbone and Transit links as well as a small additional POP in Zurich.

Carrier upgrades

In late December 2020, we added a Cogent Transit port in Zurich. To improve our connectivity into eastern Europe and Asia we also added RETN Transit in Frankfurt.
After a long wait, we were able to provision our GTT Port in Frankfurt this February, giving us better latency to many networks in Europe and around the globe.
Also in February, we added a direct connection to Deutsche Telecom in Frankfurt giving us better connectivity to German End-Users and Companies.

And just before the end of February our Transit Sessions with Liberty Global in Amsterdam and Frankfurt went online, this addition gives us also better access to many end-users around Europe as well as reliable IP Transit to other networks and Tier-1s.

New POPs

Zurich - ZRH03:
Just before the end of 2020, we added a small POP in the NTT Datacenter in Zurich, this POP is directly connected to ColoZüri and Frankfurt & Amsterdam which gives us more flexibility for users with the need of low latency and high bandwidth in Zurich. In ZRH03 we are also connected to Community-IX.

Find out more about our VPS offers and L2 Services & IP Transit offers in Switzerland.

Amsterdam - AMS01:
After many weeks of planning our POP in Amsterdam went live in January! In Amsterdam we are present in NIKHEF and Cogent Halfweg, which gives us the flexibility to build out the POP easily. In Amsterdam we are connected to IXPs like SpeedIX and LSIX and Cogent's GPE, as Transit providers, we use Liberty Global and Openfactory. Further, this location is connected over our backbone to Zurich and Frankfurt.

In Amsterdam we offer VPSs, L2 Services, and IP Transit, find out more about our VPS offers in Amsterdam here

Backbone upgrades

With the addition of our Amsterdam POP, we were able to expand our backbone links from Zurich to Amsterdam as well as two redundant links from Frankfurt to Amsterdam. With that our backbone now connects 6 POPs across Switzerland, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. Thanks to our partners for making this possible!

IXP Access

This year we also introduced new IXP access possibilities, thanks to new partnerships we can now offer IXP VMs and VLANs to NL-IX in Frankfurt and Amsterdam as well as CHIX-CH in Zurich.

Learn more about our IXP Access VMs in Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Zurich

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