Dedicated Server Zürich


iFog GmbH offers Dedicated in its NTT and Interxion Zurich, Switzerland POPs. For our Dedicated offers, we use Dell Servers with Intel Xeon CPUs.
All resources can be upgraded upon request.

BGP Session (Default Route or Full Table)
Looking Glass:
IXP Ports

Dedicated Server Atom D510 Dedicated Server R230 - 16GB Dedicated Server R230 - 32GB
CPU Intel Atom 4c Intel Xeon 4c/8t Intel Xeon 4c/8t
Storage 240GB SSD 2x500GB SSD 2x1TB SSD
IPs 1 IPv4, /48 IPv6 1 IPv4, /48 IPv6 1 IPv4, /48 IPv6
OS Debian 11 Debian 11, any Debian 11, any
iDRAC No Yes Yes
Location Interxion ZRH1 NTT ZRH1 NTT ZRH1
Traffic 1Gbit/s Shared Port (faire-use) 1Gbit/s Shared Port (faire-use) 1Gbit/s Shared Port (faire-use)
Order Order 25.- CHF/m Order 80.- CHF/m Order 95.- CHF/m

Available Add-Ons
-VLANs between VMs and Dedis
-Backup Storage (local or remote)
-Additional IPv4 addresses and IPv4 prefixes
-Fiber Crossconnects
-Direct Cogent and Telia Transit Sessions
-FogIXP, CHIX-CH and SwissIX

BGP Session
-BGP Sessions are with AS34927

All VPS / Servers are activated manually, this can take up to 24h. There are no automated Installs and/or Templates available.