Dedicated Server Kansas


iFog GmbH offers Dedicated in Kansas. For our Dedicated offers, we use Supermicro Servers with Intel Xeon CPUs.

BGP Session (Default Route or Full Table)
Looking Glass:
IXP Ports

Dedicated Server D1 - Kansas Dedicated Server D2 - Kansas
CPU Intel Xeon E3 - 4c/8t Dual Intel Xeon E5-2640
Storage 2x 240GB SSD + 2x 500GB HDD 240GB SSD
IPs 1 IPv4/IPv6 1 IPv4/IPv6
Options BGP Session, IXP Access BGP Session, IXP Access
OS Debian 12 Debian 12
Traffic 1Gbit/s Shared Port (faire-use) 1Gbit/s Shared Port (faire-use)
Order Order 39.- CHF/m Order 75.- CHF/m

Available Add-Ons
-VLANs between VMs and Dedis
-Backup Storage
-Additional IPv4 addresses and IPv4 prefixes
-IPv6 prefixes up to /48
-Fiber and Copper Crossconnects
-Direct Sessions with T1s.
-IXP Access (FogIXP, KCIX upon request - approval required)

BGP Session
-BGP Sessions are with AS34927

All VPS / Servers are activated manually, this can take up to 24h. There are no automated Installs and/or Templates available.