LIR Services

iFog GmbH is a member of the RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre), the organisation responsible for handing out IP Addresses and ASNs in Europe. As a LIR (Local Internet Registry) we offer various services:

We can offer you the following resources:

Service Cost per year Set-up fee
AS Nummer 40.- CHF/year for companies 60.- CHF/one-time for natural persons Order
IPv6 PA /48 Netz 30.- CHF - Order
IPv6 PA /44 Netz 30.- CHF - Order
IPv6 PI /48 Netz 90.- CHF - Order
RIPE PI Sponsoring 90.- CHF - Order
IPv4 PA /24 - Contact Sales! 1080.- CHF Order

AS-Number registration: We require a copy of your ID or Company Certificate, two Upstream Carrier with AS-Number and eMail as well as an IP prefix you plan to use. IPv6 registration: We require a justification for allocations bigger than > /48.