With this FAQ we try to answer the most common questions about BYOIP at iFog along with the location-specific differences.


Where and which products support BYOIP?
-BYOIP is supported on all VPS, Colocation and Dedicated Servers.
-BYOIP subscription is available for a fee, ask sales for pricing.

Is BYOIP available for IPv4 and IPv6?
-Yes we support BYOIP on both IPv4 and IPv6.

What are the BYOIP requirements?
-You must have an active service and BYOIP subscription on

How can I use my BYOIP prefixes?
We can either route or switch prefixes to your service.
-switching, we provide a dedicated VLAN in which we run the Gateway IP for you and you can utilize any further IPs in the range.
-routed, we route the whole prefix to your service IP and you can assign any IP to your server internally.
-switched IP VLANs can be assigned to multiple services in the same metro are.

How does adding a prefix work?
-We require all prefixes to have a valid WHOIS, RPKI and route objects in the relevant registry.
-We may refuse to route prefixes listed on EDROP.
-Prefixes can be added by opening a ticket and must include a prefix list. Generally, prefix list updates are done within 72h after which prefixes are usually also reachable.
-An LOA is required in the following locations: Singapore and Houston. An LOA must be on an official letterhead, include the prefix(es), ASN, and contact information, and must be signed. We may ask for an LOA in other locations at our discretion. LOAs are also required for 44net to create a route object for those ranges.
-Some of our upstreams require manual filter refreshes as well, eg. Sydney - updates therefore may take up to a week.
-Prefix changes fall under our fair-use terms and we may deny or slow them down at our discretion should they be abnormally high.