Norway VPS

iFog GmbH offers vServer in Sandefjord, Norway. For our VPS offers, we use Servers with Intel CPUs.
We use KVM virtualization on all offers. All resources can be upgraded upon request.

Management over Web Panel
BGP Session (Default Route)
Looking Glass:

VPS Norway 256MB VPS Norway 512MB
CPU Intel - 1 Shared-Core Intel - 1 Shared-Core
Storage 10 GB HDD 20 GB HDD
IPs 1 IPv4/IPv6 1 IPv4/IPv6
Options BGP Session BGP Session
Traffic 100Mbit/s Shared Port (faire-use) 100Mbit/s Shared Port (faire-use)
Order Order 10.00 CHF/6 Monate Order 3.50 CHF/m

All VPS / vServers are activated manually, this can take up to 24h. VPS / vServer Management is possible over the iFog Client Panel as well as Proxmox VE. There are no automated Installs and/or Templates available.